I help people find a meaningful connection with themselves, to discover their inherent goodness and their capacities to bring lasting change to their lives.

My focus is on the inner work that brings a change to the inner and outer life. That is the purpose of our work is to facilitate your natural capacities to develop and to expand your life, to move beyond the same old stuck patterns, to develop new possibilities and experience the fresh inner movement that results in expansion into the life you would like to have.

People work with me for any number of reasons. You may feel frustrated with your relationships, or undervalued at work, or you may want to deepen your spiritual practice. Whatever you start from, is from where we begin.

Before we meet it may not even be clear just what is required for you to make steps forward in your life. By having a chance to explore your thoughts and feelings in a supportive and judgement free space you can discover a sense of connection to your true self, and perhaps its longings for your life.

Working with me is not easy to describe in a few words and as such, I offer a free half-hour session to find out more.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a meeting and find out more about what I can offer.

Rob will follow his heart and accompany yours, taking you on adventure into the real & what really matters for you
Rob is just the right kind of gentle support for your exploration of your darkest and brightest places.

Living at the Edge

Rob’s work is to accompany you in the discovery of where your life is leading you, whether in general, or at work, in relationship or at play. If you wish to find out more arrange a free half hour chat with Rob