It is quite possible that the source of human happiness is inbuilt into our very existence but despite that we fail to discover it. So what is the missing key?

Often our experience is that we live in a static world of ever the same, day in and day out. We plan for change, we organise outings, trips and vacations and yet how often do we discover that once the event is over, things rarely change.

Yet change is what we want, we want something new in our lives, we want to feel differently, act differently and experience differently. We want fresh, alive experience, we want excitement, fulfillment and contentment. We want to live.

We try everything, we buy things, find new friends, new lovers, new jobs  and new hobbies..we go to therapy or buy more self help books…only to discover, once the shine wears off.. no change…everything settle into the same…as if we had done nothing.

I like this from Gene Gendlin:

What is split off, not felt, remains the same.
When it is felt, it changes.
Most people don’t know this!
They think that by not permitting
the feeling of their negative ways
they make themselves good.
On the contrary, that keeps these negatives static,
the same from year to year.
A few moments of feeling it in your body
allows it to change.
If there is in you something bad or sick or unsound,
let it inwardly be and breathe.
That’s the only way it can evolve and change
into the form it needs.

~ Eugene Gendlin

Change comes from engaging what is. When we stop turning away and looking elsewhere there is a chance for change. When it is felt it changes…when it has attention it changes. It shifts and unfolds in response to attention, a particular type of attention.

A few moments of feeling it in your body allows it to change. If there is in you something bad or sick or unsound, let it inwardly be and breathe. That’s the only way it can evolve and change into the form it needs.

Next time there is something tight there, a bodily felt discomfort, a sense that something is wrong in there gently turn towards it and wish it well…and see what happens. The chances are it will respond and relax, if only slightly. Sacred Listening is the art of developing that inner attitude and presence so we can go deeply into our present experience and bring the change it is needing, we are needing, to our lives.

When we stop avoiding and turn towards ourselves, change is truly possible, at last things begin to shift and we feel the fresh breeze of new life growing within.