Watching the moon at midnight,

solitary,  mid-sky,

I knew myself completely,

no part left out.

Izumi Shikibu (1990)


Have you ever wondered where that ‘falling in love‘ feeling goes? Unless you are one of the lucky few, sooner or later, your honeymoon of bliss does come to an end. There are many theories about the nature of falling in love but something that I never knew is that the same beautiful feelings are available to us outside of a particular intimate relationship.

To reach the unveiled part of ourselves that is deep enough to express the most profound and untamed aspects of our being means learning how to love and be loved without defences and without obstructions. It means cultivating the capacity to be emotionally present, even when we feel exposed or vulnerable; learning to relinquish the many strategies we have employed to feel safe and in control; and finding the courage to love without guarantees or requirements.

~Jett Psaris & Marlena S Lyons


Mindfulness might seem an unlikely place to discover intimacy but the simple yet profound practices that make up mindfulness are the ground for the discovery of a deep well of wellbeing. Being present is necessary for this discovery and thus mindfulness is the way to go. However, there is another beautiful practice that enhances and transforms our experience of everyday life that is rarely taught and virtually unknown.

In our society it is almost unbelievable to think that we can experience our lives as fresh, alive and vital. That our experience of life can have a lightness and joy to it. That our relationships can bring continuous moments of intimacy and love.  That amidst the struggle of daily life we can find peace and a loving confidence.

Sacred Listening, a simple holistic practice that utilises our holistic capacities,  is the art of getting intimate with experience, of releasing it from it’s often stuckness and literally falling in love with life itself.

Sacred Listening is an extension of mindfulness, a mindfulness that expands into the inner body and subtle energies. We cultivate the capacity to be emotionally present even when we feel exposed or vulnerable…and gives birth to deep and profound intimacy and love.

Uncovering and unveiling our deepest parts requires a Sacred Space, where we can discover ourselves deeply and unreservedly. In that space we discover our fullness of who we are. Deep down below the everyday story of who we think we are we find a profound and subtle sense of being, unburdened by our  life situation and completely free of fear and need. We discover our essential being.

This unshakable centre of being— a place where we feel loved, loving, whole, connected, and joyful— is the end to all experiences of emotional homelessness.

~Jett Psaris & Marlena S Lyons

As we get familiar with this love, a love that is ever present as who we are, we gain an ever increasing confidence in life itself. We rapidly come to the conclusion that we are finally coming home.  We are coming home to that place we have always longed for, we discover our inner beauty and we cannot but fall in love…

We are home and we are in love with being home.

Sacred Listening is the bridge of discovery, the inner revelation of our truest self and when seen and tasted the inner knowledge of who we truly are.