The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.


Isn’t it the mysterious that which we truly long to “know”? That place where something new is continually emerging…revealing and unfolding into our life?

We never get to fully grasp the mysterious. It is out of reach, yet at the same time it is knowable. It is that mix of recognition and ungraspability that seem to give rise to the exquisite sense of livingness.

The mysterious is self liberating, it is free in itself, the same spontaneous self liberation we also long to experience.

The mysterious is our true home, yet to arrive there demands a great deal. To discover the mystery is to let go of the known, knowing and the knower.  Liberation is not from our external chains but from our inner bindings, our unseen self-images, defenses and from our acquired knowledge and beliefs.

If we want to know the mystery we have to “empty our cup” and discover or true lack of knowledge, and our inner poverty, without which there is no room for this mystery to unfold.