To discover freedom is in every perception implies we do not avoid our current situation, our thoughts, emotions, feelings or our sensations, that we somehow blank out what we don’t want to experience and replace it with hope, food, awareness, presence or something more acceptable. This will only create tension and restlessness and a sense of being stuck or frozen.

Our freedom lies in our willingness to allow everything we experience to be as it is. That is our private world is left to be just as it is and we do not meddle. And this is very difficult if we do not recognise the innate stability inherent in each moment; that each moment of experience is grounded in its own lack of identity, it self-releases the moment it is perceived.

An Experiment
We can test this by simply pausing and noticing what is there. What is left when we momentarily turn attention away from the current thinking, our self-story narrative? We might describe that gap as a nothing with a particular fullness to it. Try and see what you come up with. Is it a nothing, is it a kind of space or gap? Is kind of empty of things? How do we know that empty fullness? It is self-knowing, it recognises itself. So with this simple experiment we have discovered the basis of mind.

If we recheck once again, we might recognise that there is no “I” present in that moment, there is no “other” either, just a undivided expanse of self-knowing empty fullness. Not only have we discovered the basis of mind but also the non-dual expanse that may have appeared to be so elusive before doing this experiment!

So, we have recognised the basis of mind and non-dual awareness, we have revealed our lack of objectifiable identity and we might begin to deduce that thinking, the on-going narrative of everyday life is the source of the very false identity that keeps us feeling caged and stuck.

Regular conceptual based thinking implies a subject and object, it is inbuilt into structure of our language and as such creates the basis for a sense of limited identification, yet with one simple experiment we can realise that this identity is just one aspect of mind, one way mind collapses itself into a sense of being a some-thing. And when we concede to that, we experience ourselves as limited and lacking. The freedom we are, that is the ground of our experience, is frozen into the limited form of our particular subjective sense of self.

So very quickly and easily we can discover that inner freedom is not someplace far away, nor does it require us to be different, it is right here and is the basis of each perception itself. There is no escaping freedom.

Relaxing the narrative, allowing everything to be as it is, is like a red carpet, the Royal Road to increasing discovery of inner richness, endless potential and intelligence.

Furthermore we can extend our initial experiment, we can go further. As our capacity to recognise the nature of each moment is clarified and our capacities and sensitivities increase we might start to realise what we had mistaken for an autonomous and self-directing being is actually unfindable, and simply does not exist in that way at all.

We might come to recognise all the causes and conditions that have given rise to this very moment and discover there is no one there pulling the strings, there is not some separate agent in control and what we experience as a separate self is a projection onto a vast field of networked intelligence.

This particular insight release compassion for where we find ourselves and where we find others. Our insight paves the way for our hearts to open towards our particular shape, and that of others in new and unexpected ways. The idea of blame and judgement lose their density, understanding our dependent origin allows much greater latitude and forgiveness. We discover our situation is one of innocence and this discovery is like a priceless jewel, a pearl of great price.

So, our little experiment continues to yield further insights and realisations, and it does not stop there, not at all.