There are no intellectual realisations that can end suffering by itself. The mind, our conceptual mapping apparatus and the sense of I and me (ego) that arises with it is not going to deliver the solution it thinks it needs.

The ego mind, the personality, the historically created self-concept doesn’t know reality directly. That mind isn’t a thing that knows it is more of a creator of combinatory pattern of impressions that have lodged and woven together. It has great capacity to explicate the inner datum or knowing, the felt sense of our situation, mapping felt experience to symbols, but it is not the source of knowing. It cannot discern the truth of the symbols and patterns it creates in response to what is experienced.

Instead, look to that which already knows. It knows not as a concept but as the miraculous timeless moment of experience, one after another, we cannot tell when one ends and the next arises, but on they go, each one making way for the next.

As we contemplate the moment, as this insight starts to form, the mind may butt in and ask surely you are not denying relative existence? Not at all but once we decide through examining the evidence that all ego derived conceptual frameworks are almost all second-hand renderings of the ineffable, they are facsimiles only, that we simply do not know beyond this experience of the moment, and that knowing is not made of words or concepts, it just is. That “just is”, those words, they are pointing toward what is always the case.

So where is saṃsāra and where is nirvana now? Did they ever exist beyond the frame of reference that defined them?

Furthermore, all that seeking is the result of bodily discomfort, a felt sense of something not right and the misguided and primitive attempt to use the mind to render the body at peace. We habitually go to the mind or other antidotes (food, shopping, drugs, relationships, busyness, Facebook, Sex, YouTube, TV, New shows, email…) to remove our discomfort instead of recognising this discomfort is the very thing that already holds the answer, and can bring a change to our unease and discomfort

“There is no negative energy because what is negative, what is blocked, bears the solution implicitly in itself”
~ Gendlin

We have lost faith in our innate intelligence, the intelligence that gives rise to this miraculous experience, to all that exists, but somehow we imagine we are not that, we are separate and have lost contact with that which we are.

As I sit here and watch the branches and the spring almond blossom gently swaying in the wend, these lovely almond buds springing into life, it is easy to recognise this intelligence at work, simply marvelling at the miracle before my eyes as it reveals the magnificence of this intelligence.

Resting in the bodily felt sense of the moment, the sense of being I feel internal swaying, something is blowing around in there, some discomfort is present, and I make the effort not to look to my thinking, not to turn outward but instead to turn towards what is blowing, to the wind itself, for it is has become clear that this is where the answer lies.

Sacred Listening offers the means of getting familiar with our inner felt sense of knowing, the vast and unfathomable intricate implicit, that which is always the case moment after moment.

Getting to know ourselves like this, to discover the answer is blowing in the wind, is the beginning of a journey of inner discovery and adventure. It is practical and accessible and there is no need for complicated intellectual understandings and realisations.

This approach leads us back to the heart of the matter, the insights come and go…but the inner fellowship endures! Our walking is our realisation, our simple steps on the earth, our breathing, our curiosity, these are the real miracles…stop now, pause and relax your thinking, and in that moment feel it all…the whole damned miracle of the present moment.

If you did this moment after moment, if you paused and relaxed in the sense of bodily felt being without thinking, would you still be a seeker? Perhaps yes, but only if in that moment you failed to recognise the answer is blowing in the wind.