If we are able to accept that our longing is for that certain quality of experience, let’s call it {.._}, where {.._} is (the awareness of) an embedded quality of being/life-infused-aliveness… that we cannot actually capture (no-thing) but we do recognise and deeply appreciate…and, importantly, that this {.._} is that quality of experience we so love and appreciate about our living.

(Freshness, aliveness, openness, fullness, spaciousness….)

In any moment, we can find many words to describe {.._} yet when we check none actually capture it completely, (has it already changed?), it may be that we may need more words to modify what we have written to better fit the sense and feel of {.._} inside.

Can you recall what this {.._} is like for you, right now? Or can you recall a time recently when you felt that {.._}, whatever that is like for you. Do you get a sense of it for you? What words describe it best…pause and find one or two. Then with those words check them back against the sense of {.._}. Are those words getting it, do even better words come?

For me, right now….peaceful-presence-fullness…. Checking it back with the feel of it….it seems to lack the emergent quality i feel…let me try emergent-peaceful-presence-fullness. Yes that seems to fit better….but there is more to come…

We know {.._}, just when we take a moment to sit and breath, we have the recognition of something unnamable and exquisite. Like an inner alive refuge that is waiting to be discovered, when we relax and allow ourselves to open, we experience our precious nature. It is not something out there, it is simply the inner quality of whatever we are experiencing, see if it is true for you, that this quality-with-no-name or {.._} is the nature of your experience. Yes, No…let’s continue.

When we have recognised {.._}, in our own unique way, in this particular instant, whatever words we choose to put in place of {.._} doesn’t matter, yet the experience of doing so brings us into contact with the very qualities we so appreciate!

This quality-with-no-name, is revealed when we are relaxed and open.

“We don’t get spirituality from out there. We relax a bit and it’s right here.”

So why is it we do not experience {.._} more often…or is a better question, why is it we are not relaxed and open. This is a very important question and it helps us to orientate ourselves as we respond to our inner yearning include more of {.._} in our lives.

It is reported that the teacher Krishnamurti once shared his “secret”, the audience were spellbound as he paused and softly announced, “I don’t mind what happens”.

And this is another way of saying being open to what is, to what experience is happening. And of course, if we look carefully, this isn’t how we live.

So we are clear that our inner nature, our knowing of the {.._} in experience, that is what we love about life, and that {.._} is naturally present while we don’t resist or meddle with our experience, when we don’t tamper with the experience, or try to modify it in any way, we relax and open to that nature and all its surprises and joys.

For those who are following along, we might wonder how we may reduce our tampering, what can we do, isn’t all doing just more tampering! Isn’t trying not to tamper just another way to try to get more of {.._} and less of the other stuff?

It looks like we are caught in a catch 22.

However, all is not lost. There is a non doing kind of doing that can help. This non-doing-doing is the willingness to get curious about what is happening and engage our experience…we come alongside experience so as to feel it, to taste it, to let it reveal itself within our attention. This practice of engaging with experience allows us to relax and open, even if just a little, and when we do so surprising things occur.

Gene Gendlin calls this movement a little door…a door to wherever we find ourselves, this subtle shift of attention, when possible, opens the doorway of possibility, we experience its unfolding dynamism too, we experience the untethered changingness, the creative potency of life itself, right there in our own living, and it feels….{.._}.

He names this little door Focusing, it having to do with the sense of what is unknown about the moment coming into Focus when we bring attention to it in this special way.

“Focusing comes from inside, so it fits in with everything you’re doing. It will deepen whatever you’re doing. It’s not something separate—although when you learn it, then for a little while it seems like something very separate. But once you have it, it’s no longer separate.”
Gene Gendlin

And this doorway is always available, always fresh and inviting more. To go there is to drink deeply and allow that {.._} to unfold itself freshly and creatively within your everyday experience…and once we get this we can slowly meddle less and trust more, trusting in our own natural capacity, nature’s intelligence to unfold our lives in just the way IT wants.

So as you have been reading I wonder if you felt something a little fresh, a little alive and you are curious to to find out some more….

If you do want to find out more PM me for a FREE 30 chat about how to discover more of {.._} in your life.