A few people have been asking me about Felt Exploration and how it fits in with the YouFirst approach…so here are a few words.

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As a trained teacher of Focusing and student of Eugene Gendlin’s therapy method and philosophy, over time I have developed my own sense of focusing and have somewhat distanced it from the problem-solving context that it is often used in and placed more emphasis on the engagement with the feeling as an act of curiosity, as an exploration of what is happening, not with an end-goal of some kind of shift or change, which of course do readily occur, but exploring for its own sake, an open-ended look into our experience, with particular attention to the “body-sense” of the situation we are exploring. We find when we engage with this open-ended approach it takes the pressure off which allows greater ease with our self-contact and it becomes clear that the actual process of being with experience is inherently meaningful irrespective of a “shift” or solution arising. Experiencing ourselves in this way is delightful.

Practising Felt Exploration generates a sense of meaning through the quality of inner-contact that is experienced. A meaning that is felt first, a felt making-contact-with the moment of experience becomes apparent, almost like it recognises itself, that the fluidity and ease of being are meaningful in themselves.

Felt Exploration includes all the good stuff from Focusing but has a different frame of reference and looks to expand the definition of self so that it can include alternative and higher levels of perspective that enables the client to discover a more inclusive, harmonious and liberated sense of self.

For those who know Focusing, Felt Exploration places greater emphasis on what Gendlin calls “versioning”, an aspect of the focusing movement that is mostly not spoken of. Versioning is akin to focussed mindfulness in that it is the attentive interaction with the raw sensory data of the situation. We directly experience the feeling of how we are, of that emotion, that sensation, we tap it with our attention many times to version it until it is fully experienced and known. Versioning often results in the once uncertain feeling/sensation jelling into that “something” and as it does we experience relief as the initial feeling is transcended, we are bigger than it and can now interact with the feel of the whole situation…allowing it to stir and unfold as it will.

With my approach to inner-work, I work alongside the client to help them develop their lives by bringing tools and understanding from a variety of disciplines including meditation, non-dual philosophy, psychotherapy, spirituality and the practice of life coaching. Felt Exploration is a core skill but not the sole skill or intervention.

Within the YouFirst approach it is recognised we are far more than the internal world of thoughts, feelings and sensations and often what is required is found in the other segment of our life. However, working together, using Felt Exploration we can discover just what that might be for each one.

I want our work together to make a difference and not fall into the trap of going around in the kind or repetitive unchanging circles where the client never really experiences the lasting change that they require.

It is my belief that if personal transformation is to occur it is important we discover life beyond our regular patterns of living, our bias and our blind spots. Furthermore, it is vital we recognise the two distinct streams of human development possibilities. We can both grow up as a human as well as develop our spiritual realisation and these two, although strongly correlated, are not the same.

Felt Exploration means shining the light of concentrated awareness on our actual experience. We get to know how we are, not how we think we are. We get to make a deep inner contact and reconnect with the source of our intelligence.

In our experience, the best way to develop the skill is to do it regularly, to spend time each week inwardly exploring until it becomes integrated into your daily life, something you are continually doing throughout the day.

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