About Rob

Rob at work with his mandolin

Having studied at the university of Durham, and subsequently finishing his PhD in cancer therapy, Rob left academia to pursue his interest psychotherapy and spirituality.

He began studying psychotherapy in London only to find he could not find the energy to complete his studies.

Disillusioned, he left the UK with his young family with the idea of building his own cob house & starting a retreat center to practice and teach meditation and related studies.

Discovering Gendlin’s Focusing was a decisive step in Rob’s understanding of what was needed for his life – ¬†discovering his own inner aliveness and inner sense of direction. He is currently studying with the British Focusing Association.

AH Almaas has been a decisive factor in his own development. Rob spent some years with the Ridhwan school; and is indebted to the teachers of the Diamond Approach for self realisation. Other influences include Greg Goode and his emptiness teachings.

He lives with his family in Southern Spain.