About Rob

Rob at work with his mandolin

From way back, I have been interested in making a positive difference to others lives. It has been a constant longing and has fundamentally shaped my life.

However, even prior to that I was drawn to the work of alleviating human suffering as I suffered deeply myself. I spent much of my twenties clinically depressed and anxious about life. I wanted answers and healing. I wanted to feel freer in my life, to have the confidence and self-belief to take life on, to go for what I wanted, and take the risks that accompany achieving my dreams.

During that time I studied at the University of Durham and subsequently finished my PhD. It became clear this wasn’t for me and I was far more drawn to psychotherapy and spirituality.

Soon after I moved to London and began studying for a Masters in psychotherapy. After a year it became clear to me that this was not the approach that I wanted to use. I felt frustrated with the underlying model and its lack of emphasis on the clients “inner world” and the possibilities that, although dormant, can arise once an inner connection is made.

In addition to my study of psychotherapy, I also focused on various spiritual schools of thought and practice including Tibetan Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation, Vedanta, Diamond Approach, and Buddhist emptiness teachings. I moved to Las Alpujarras in Spain, a mountain region filled with historical significance and a slower pace of life with the intention of opening a retreat centre.

It was during this time that I rediscovered Focusing, the method of connecting deeply with ourselves that was popularised by Dr Gene Gendlin. The regular practice of Focusing was a decisive step in my own self-connection, discovering my own inner truth and making contact with what seemed to block me.

I completed training with the British Focusing Association and qualified as a Focusing trainer. Once complete I began teaching this special tool to my client both in groups and individually. I developed my own approach that I call Felt Exploration, and also new focussed methods for dealing with the so-called inner critic.

Of late I have expanded my approach even further including many new practices and these days I am more in line with Ken Wilbur’s integral model of human development than ever before.

These days I still live in Spain with my two children. I offer individual work and groups via telephone, skype, zoom or in person.