Felt Exploration

If Focusing is the doorway then Felt Exploration is the unfolding of and the encounter with the deep mysteries of our ordinary lives.  It is the ever surprising discovery of inherent richness and meaning.

Felt exploration is a dynamic and intimate engagement with our lived experience. Sensing ourselves inwardly and making contact with our experience reveals deeper levels of knowing.  Our ordinary experience is revealed as a dynamic river of unfolding gestalts.

Similar to fractal patterns, when we inquire into human experience it reveals more and more, there is no end to the intricate and fascinating shapes, forms and patterning. As we bring attention to our felt experience,  it opens to reveal more and we discover it has a potential for more at all times.

Learning to Be Real
Many of us long for the truth. We long for the authentic and the real. We may not recognise this in those terms, but nevertheless when we are in contact with our sense of being, our unencumbered realness we feel alive and free.

Furthermore, felt exploration brings us into contact with deeper layers of meaning, our life becomes continuous river of discovery. The quality of lives in enriched and expanded as we discover more and more.

After some time of formal Felt Exploration it begins to seep into our daily lives, our whole life becomes impacted and affected by our love of the truth of our experience. Our work, relationships and interests are all impacted. Nothing is outside of the scope of Felt Exploration.

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