A Little Door

Focusing is a little door. Some people want to give the name “focusing” to everything they find through this door. No, focusing is just attending to the bodily uneasiness of a problem. 

Gene Gendlin

Focusing is the conscious interaction with our bodily felt knowing.  This intentional interaction allows a natural unfolding of this innate felt knowing.

“Through Focusing we can unlock doors and move into dimensions that cannot be entered through the intellect alone” 

Gene Gendlin

Focusing unlocks the doors of our knowing into greater dimensions of experiencing.

Historically, Focusing arose out of the work of Gene Gendlin. It was originally conceptualised within the psychology of Carl Rogers, but since then (1960’s) has been integrated and applied to many other areas of life including problem solving, theory creation, personal growth & spirituality, and many forms of creative expression.

Focusing is not something new, but is  a natural phenomena that is mostly unrecognised in modern human life.  In my experience everyone can benefit from learning how to focus.

The British Focusing Association writes that those people that use Focusing report a range of benefits including..

“I feel more like me.”

“I’m more alive.”

“I feel like I can really listen to others.”

“I have a sense of clarity and purpose that I didn’t have before.”

“I’ve finally been able to make a choice that feels right about something that I was completely stuck about.”

“That tight place in my stomach has finally relaxed. I can breathe deeply for the first time in years.”

“I finally understand that the key to therapy is not so much what I do as what I help my client to do.”

“Taking time for me in this way feels so good.”

The befits of Focusing are multiple generous.

Focusing is the conscious discovery of the felt yet unknown truth of our lived experience. 

In essence, Focusing is a bridge to further discovery; and assists and supports the discovery of the freshness and aliveness inherent but often hidden, in human experience.

How to Learn Focusing

We offer three possible ways to lean Focusing.

  • You can learn focusing in individual sessions with a focusing teacher.
  • We offer a 6 session package that gives leaves you with a solid experience of focusing.
  • The Focusing Skills Journey is 60 hour plus series of experiential seminars.

To find out more: Learn the Art of Focusing