Learning the Art of Felt Exploration

If Focusing is the doorway then Felt Exploration is the unfolding of and the encounter with the deep mysteries of our ordinary lives.  It is the ever surprising discovery of inherent richness and meaning.

To begin with we need to make contact with our source of the real, what we might call the sensing body. We approach this through Gene Gendlin’s method called Focusing. So step one is to spend some time developing our capacity for self contact and Focusing provides this doorway. Once the Focusing door is opened we have the opportunity to explore and inquire into what we experience.

Focusing opens the door of senses to what is wanting to unfold and also it brings us into contact with the relational field as we work with our companions. However, at this stage our companion is relatively passive, there are trusting the focusers felt knowing, and allowing the process to unfold uninhibited. The companion provides support through their presence and attention, through reflections and perhaps focusing invitations.

In Felt Exploration the role of the companion is expanded. The fullness of the relational field is recognised and included, the companion’s capacity to sense the nuances of the Focusers process is included.

The FE Companion instead of relying just on the Focusers own felt sense, she is invited to reveal what she senses of the relational field.

To illustrate what this can mean here is an example. Imagine the Focuser is unable to notice that there is a pink elephant floating overhead to the right. His attention is on his process and tightly anchored there. Within that he is caught in a pattern that is keeping him from seeing the elephant, his head is looking down to the ground, to the left. There is an inner struggle that he does not readily perceive but his body knows it, it is felt there and he refuses to look up and to the right. The FE companion might gently invite a pause (interrupt the patterned movement) and invite a fresh sensing and at the same time invite a look up and to the right…

The invitation may be oblique and coached in a question, or observation, or other vehicle, the key is that it is given from the inner place of sensing. It is is allowed to unfold into the the relational space as if the field were bringing it forth and it is not simply the thoughts of the companion.

It is a subtle movement and takes attunement to the process itself. It is not about knowing what is right or wrong for the Focuser, it is simply responding to the felt sense present in the relational field.

Ongoing dyads provide the platform for learning to explore in this way. These dyads are comprised of the student and an experienced FE companion at first. Regular meetings over a period will familiarize the student with their own process and how the truth of their experience reveals itself.

As we get more confident dyads can be replaced by triads and larger groups. Eventually we will find our own travel companions and our lived inquiry of felt exploration makes its way into more of our lives.

Session Pricing

Single 60 minute session – €85

6 x 60 minute sessions – €470