Living at the Edge

Beneath the surface, under all of that noise is a fresh luminous spaciousness that is more precious and more personal than anything else. This freshness to life  arises out of contact with that inner aliveness, the aliveness found right there in the body itself.  This aliveness is dynamic and creative, bringing a richness and vitality to our lives.

We can each discover this in our own personal way. And this discovery is the single most important discovery a human can make.  It is like coming home to ourselves, to the very essence of me.

Living is always fresh and new, yet this is often occluded or hidden. Within the body there is a hidden reserve of wisdom and rich experiencing that is available in each moment.  Focusing, a special way of attending to experience coined by philosopher Gene Gendlin,  teaches how to allow the unfolding edge of felt living to actualise itself in our lived experience, what I refer to as Living at the Edge.