Sacred Listening

Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people – in fact, the whole universe

~Gene Gendlin, 1996

Sacred Listening is conscious discovery of the felt yet unknown truth of our lived experience.

Sacred Listening is a doorway. A doorway of discovery and unfolding. Words do not really capture the experience and impact of Sacred Listening on our lives. However let me try…

A bridge Between Two Worlds

In a nutshell Sacred Listening is conscious discovery of the felt yet unknown truth of our lived experience. It is based on Focusing a simple tool made popular by Professor Gene Gendlin, University of Chicago.

Sacred listening is a bridge between two worlds, between the world of everyday life and the world of feelings, of intuition and our innate capacity to know more about our situation.

Sacred listening puts us back in touch with this felt intelligence, an intelligence far beyond our regular way of thinking, extraordinarily creative and practical, we discover a bridge to a vast resource that not only can inform and guide our everyday experience but has potential to alter the course of our lives forever.

Sacred listening is the process of getting lost so that we might be found. We purposefully embrace that which is uncomfortable and unclear so we cannot rely on our thinking, we are out of our depth.

Whilst we flounder, we can give up knowing and allow for something new, fresh and alive to surface. We purposefully walk close to the uncomfortable edge of awareness.

Felt exploration, the being with experience as it is, without judgement or desire forms the conditions for emerging insight, luminous brilliance and the resultant change, the irreversible change that accompanies the flow of felt exploration and intuitive insight that is revealed and unfolded into our experience.

If you would like to learn the art of Sacred Listening Rob offers two approaches, one to one sessions and workshops.

One to One Sessions

Have hourly sessions with us at your own pace.

~ first 30 mins –  free
~ 1 session –  £40
~ 3 sessions – £100
~ 6 sessions – £180

Introduction to Sacred Listening Workshop

Rob offers Introduction to Sacred Listening, a 6 session introduction offered in person or via Skype. At the end of the 6 sessions you will be confidently able to Sacred Listen both alone and in listening pairs and have access to our community groups where there are others waiting to listen with you and group event you may wish to attend.

Rob is very flexible in how this introductory course is offered and you can do individually, in pairs or larger groups up to 16 people.
one to one – 6 weekly 60 minute sessions – £180 for the entire workshop